Explosion Juvenil Called to Conquer. 

The k2k Club is part of the church SANTA ANA FMC And we are part of a national and international network called Metodist FREE CHURCH OF USA . Our primary mission is to reach new generations for Christ while being discipled , we train and send to impact and make a difference in our communities and the world. In addition , we are an organization serving society, we give concrete ways to do good and want to fulfill their mission in life. This organization seeks to convene , educate and mobilize people who offer solutions in proportion to the needs of society, to build a civilization of justice and love and the word of God. The idea is to respond effectively to the needs of society by providing opportunities to do good and do well. In other words, it helps people to find a mission that gives meaning to your life.

Currently our club only K2K is located at our church , but the desire of our heart is push it to other churches and ministries who desire a spiritual restoration in youth.


We want to help Young Peopple ; k2k youth Ministry was made to Help.

Refugio SanchezK2K Youth Ministry Director
Angel PeraltaWorship Leader and Coordinator
Leslie GonzalezMinistry Public Relation

Alejandra RazoK2K Youth Ministry Leader

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